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Spinosaurus at National Geographic by Archanubis
Spinosaurus at National Geographic
Full view of the Spinosaurus sculpture outside the National Geographic Building in Washington, DC.  The sculpture is part of the larger "Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous" travelling exhibit, currently on display in the Explorer's Hall until April, 2015.  Took this picture on my second visit to the exhibit, with my sister and brother-in-law.
Spinosaurus sculpture by Archanubis
Spinosaurus sculpture
Sculpture of Spinosaurus aegypticus outside the main courtyard in front of the National Geographic building in Washington, DC.  Part of the travelling exhibit Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous, this sculpture based on the most current discoveries and theories on how Spinosaurus appeared when it was alive.  The sculpture will remain at its current location until the exhibit closes in April 2015.
Spinosaurus Display, 1920-1944 by Archanubis
Spinosaurus Display, 1920-1944
Display in the travelling exhibit "Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous" which reconstructs the display of the holotype specimen as it would have been seen at the Paläontologisches Museum München (Bavarian State Collection of Paleontology) from the 1920s until 1944.  The original Spinosaurus specimen was discovered in Egypt by German palentologist Ernst Stromer in 1915; like all Spinosaurus skeletons found since the original, the type specimen was heavily fragmented.  Stromer did draw a hypothetical reconstruction of Spinosaurus, though, as the link shows, his reconstruction resembled the typical theropod build common at the time and would remain the standard look of Spinosaurus until the discovery Baryonyx and other relatives in the late 20th century.  Stromer did theorize that Spinosaurus was a fish eater based on the teeth he found and that it was likely as large, if not larger, than the recently discovered Tyrannosaurus rex.  Stromer had the skeleton mounted in the Bavarian State Collection in the 1920s and it proved to be very popular with the public despite being incomplete.  The skeleton would remain with the Collection until 1944, when the Allied bombing of Munich during World War II destroyed the museum and all the specimens within, including the bones of Spinosaurus.  Stromer had attempted to have the museum's collection moved to a more secure location, but his requests were ignored, largely due to political differences: the musuem curator was a strong supporter of the Nazi party while Stromer was fervently and publically against them.


Defending Dragons Since 1980
United States
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So if you been reading, listening, or watching the news today, you know that President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.  According to the Washington Post, Obama won for "his work to improve international diplomacy and rid the world of nuclear weapons." (….

My reaction: "What?" :?

Let's not get the wrong idea here: I like Obama, I voted for him last November, and I wish him the best.  But I'm not so in love with the guy that I'm not questioning what he's actually done to deserve the award.  Most recipiants either accomplish something major or spend a lifetime on a cause before they recieve the award.  I understand the concept of "A for effort," but seriously, I can't list anything Obama's actually done in the eight or nine months he's been office to deserve this award.  I think the Nobel committee in Norway jumped the gun on this: they should have waited at least a year before even considering Obama.

Still, I congratulate President Obama on the award and hope it leads to bigger and better things in the future.

On a more personal note, I will be heading down to Richmond, VA tomorrow (10/10)to visit the Metro Richmond Zoo.  It's a one day trip, so I won't be away for more than a few hours (at the most).  I will post a few pictures of the animals there here, along with a larger "album" on my Facebook page.

Later gators. :flagus:
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