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April 3, 2013
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U.S.S. Albemarle in the Badlands by Archanubis U.S.S. Albemarle in the Badlands by Archanubis
U.S.S. Albemarle
The U.S.S. Albemarle, NCC-270864, commanded by Vice Admiral Rachael Alderman Semmes, as seen in the MMO Star Trek: Online by Cryptic Studios.

STO Facts:
The Albemarle is a Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, a type of starship available to players after reaching the Admiral ranks, and can be purchased via Fleet Credits once their Fleet Starbase and associated Shipyard reach Tier 2. The Heavy Cruiser is normally a cruiser only flowed when players are at the rank of Commander, but Retrofit ships have an equipment and Bridge Officer layout comparable to the usual Admiral level starships of their type. The design for all Heavy Cruiser is based on the Cheyenne-class starship, a kitbashed design that was only seen in the far background of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2” (the title ship in the TNG episode “The Pegasus” was originally intended to be a Cheyenne). Three skins are available for the type: the aforementioned Cheyenne, Dakota, and Stargazer, though players can customize their ships using the parts of each; the Albemarle uses the Dakota skin. She is armed with phaser arrays and quantum torpedoes and is equipped with a Combat Impulse Engine and M.A.C.O. Shield Array.

The Albemarle is named after the Confederate ironclad ram from the American Civil War: [link]. Her registry number is also a nod to an event in the ironclad’s history; Civil War buffs may be able to recognize it. ;)

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is a beautiful ship, all the retrofits/Fleet ships are beautiful :D, I hope to gain one fleet sovereign one day. its... B-E-A-U-tiful!
I always thought the Dakota was the best of the Heavy Cruiser skins. Though I've seen some players using decent combos using parts of the Cheyenne and Stargazer.
I like this cruiser, I mean is like having a elegant or cruiser version of the cerberus, the skin fit the design perfectly.
BD: (tactics... we need tactics you fools! right she is gone rogue, she's feral!)
sorry bad commet. I have like many message confuse this one with another beneath
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