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USS Kearsarge over Andoria by Archanubis USS Kearsarge over Andoria by Archanubis
The U.S.S. Kearsarge, NCC-379806, commanded by Vice Admiral Nicolai Kovac, as seen in the MMO Star Trek: Online by Cryptic Studios. This was taken in the Andoria system about a year ago.

STO Facts:
The Kearsarge is an Advanced Escort, which is type of starship that is available for escort drivers at the rank of Rear Admiral, Lower Half. Advanced Escorts are all based on the U.S.S. Prometheus featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Message in a Bottle,” and have at least four “skins” that can be used: the aforementioned Prometheus, Cerberus, Phoenix, and Hephaestus (which has to be bought in the C-Store); all the parts can be mixed and matched. The Kearsarge uses the Cerberus skin; she initially had the nacelles of the Prometheus until I settled on the full Cerberus layout. She is armed with two phaser beam arrays, two dual phaser cannons, one phaser turret, and two quantum torpedo launchers, is equipped with Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines and the Aegis Covariant Shield Array, and has MVAM capabilities.

Fanon Bio:
The Kearsarge is a Cerberus-class starship, part of a type of starship line officially designated “Advanced Escorts,” though many Starfleet personnel often refer to these ships as “destroyers.” The Kearsarge is the latest in a long line of ships throughout history to carry the name, beginning with the 1860s-era United States sloop-of-war famous for sinking the Confederate raider Alabama. Like most other Escort type starships, the Kearsarge’s primary role is as a warship, with her typical duties including border patrol, convoy escort, and the intercepting hostile targets. As a result of her intended role, as well as the technological requirements of the Multi-Vector Assault Mode (MVAM) present on all Advanced Escort starships, the Kearsarge features no amenities for families, extremely limited crew comforts and cargo space, no science labs or other equipment common on exploration ships, and only the barest minimum in provisions for diplomatic missions. The Kearsarge is one of the most heavily armed starships for its size; she is armed with a large number of phaser arrays and torpedo launchers, most of which are only available when the ship initiated the MVAM. She carries a full load of quantum torpedoes, which is fast becoming the standard torpedo on all Starfleet ships and she’s rumored to carry a small number of transphasic torpedoes, though these rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied by Starfleet Command. She is equipped with two Class 11 warp cores, one in each section of her secondary hull, which are designed to work in concert when the Kearsarge is in her standard configuration, though in an emergency situation, the ship can run on only one warp core, though speeds in excess of Warp 6.5 are not recommended. A third, Class 10 warp drive is located in the primary hull and is usually kept in a standby mode until the MVAM is initiated. The top speed of the Kearsarge in standard configuration is Warp 9.95; the top speed of each of the Kearsarge’s MVAM sections on their own is classified, though they are thought to be comparable to a Defiant-class starship.

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